Need Legal Services?

Need Legal Services?

We help you for your all legal needs… Our Solution Partner has services in all Turkey’s 81 districts with 350 law firms and 668 lawyers.

The company undertakes mortgage business and operations of 13 banks and 14 financial organizations.

Some services are:

  • Investigate and authenticate the legal status of immovable properties done in Registry of Deeds office.
  • Generate and modify templates for mortgage indentures in the name of bank or other organizations.
  • Periodical analysis and report of mortgage operations on immovable properties which are placed as guarantees for commercial credits.
  • Approve the legal and pre-conformity authentication of indenture templates and its related documents that are prepared by banks or other institutions.
  • Legal control and conformity authentication and legal control of indenture agreements and mortgage certificates created in the Registry of Deeds office (only if the mortgage lenders are banks or other financial institutions).
  • Terminate the mortgage liens’.

P.S. All transactions and documents produced are insured with professional liability insurance and breach of trust insurance against potential risks that the client may be subject to.

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