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Apartment IPS-103 – Beylikdüzü

Short Overview

Located on the west shore of Istanbul, on the E-5 Highway connecting Asia and Europe, Beylikdüzü is one of Istanbul’s leading attraction sites among the living centers developing toward the west of the city, thanks to its growing number of cultural activities. Its shore length of 123 km, clean air, modern and earthquake-resistant buildings, ease of transportation and young population.

Here, life begins with morning exercise, which lets you draw in the clean air of the grove, and lasts until midnight in a cultural kaleidoscope of culture and sports centers, sailing and diving areas, social facilities, shopping malls, kids’ playgrounds, theater and movie halls and various entertainment venues. What is more, project is in a very exclusive location thanks to the grove surrounding it on three sides and its close proximity to the E-5 and metrobus…

It is the perfect living center you always dreamed of, with an extraordinary approach to luxury, elegant shops on the avenue, cars located underground while water and greenery are generously sprinkled on earth…

What style will you choose – normal or the station style? Two different styles, two different ways of living… but the same quality and the same prestige in each square inch of your home!

Station style consists of 1 + 1 and 1 + 0 apartments. It is built to create a dynamic world of its own, with a separate entrance and separate social facilities… Located in less than a kilometer from the E-5 highway and the Metrobus line, station is designed for young people and, even more so, for those who are young at heart and want to enjoy the city life in privileged surroundings…

Normal style features apartments with different size options available. Situated in a green landscape, they offer a different kind of exclusivity for each of your family members. While your kids explore the garden and the playground, you will transform each moment of your day into a pure bliss, enjoying the fitness center, swimming pool and, of course, your spacious apartment.

Located in a unique setting visible to hundreds of thousands of people that pass through the area each day, our project will be the new symbol and the meeting point of Beylikdüzü. And thanks to its perfect architecture, no passerby will be able to take their eyes off of the complex…

Project features a market on the ground floor with 24,000 m² of space, while its active architecture reflects the liveliest aspects of living in a city… Our project features a total of 1152 apartments with different types of floor-plans, ranging from 1 + 0 to 4 + 1. With each block averaging 10 storeys in height, it invites you to enjoy the city without being cut off from life… Shopping and entertainment centers, universities, hospitals, hotels… All of the opportunities of city life are right next to you in your new home! Because you are in a very special place…

A locals’ favorite, the Beylikdüzü Grove is located right next to you. So while you are enjoying all of the benefits of city life, the sounds of nature will be soothing your ears… Additionally, the total of 30,000 m² of the complex has been set aside for green spaces… So while you are living in your home, you will have the grove on one side and the one-of-a-kind mix of green and blue in your backyard…

Here, our fundamental approach to security is not to protect you by isolating you completely from life; it is to secure the safety of a “living project!” You will feel both at peace and one with the energy of a living project in your new home thanks to the card access system
for vehicles and pedestrians, 24/7 closed circuit camera recording system, 24/7 expert security team, fire and smoke alarm, sprinkler fire extinguishing systems in indoor parking lots and video intercom in your apartment that allows you to communicate with security personnel…

The apartments here will make your life easier with their functional architectural designs, adding enjoyment to your every moment with their first-class materials and impeccable workmanship… In your new home devoted to comfort and equipped with the world’s leading brands from the kitchen to the living room and from the bathroom to the bedroom, luxury will be your new lifestyle…

In order to protect both your yard and your vehicles, we are building an indoor parking lot, accessible via elevators from each floor. It has sufficient space to meet the needs of residents of every apartment…

The force of gravity that our project will generate with its unique location, architecture, market and transportation opportunities will come back to you as a very profitable investment! Tomorrow, everybody will want to be here. But it will already have doubled in its value by then…

We love Istanbul and its markets… Now we are giving the gift of a new market to Istanbul! The shops located on the ground floor will be a meeting point for Beylikdüzü and a joy for you to visit… Elegant stores, cafes, restaurants… They all await you in your new home!

In order to make athletics an essential part of your life, we are combining it with amenities and fun. An indoor swimming pool, fully equipped fitness center, sauna, running and walking tracks, volleyball and basketball court, kids’ playgrounds… Each was designed for you to take a new
look at life… The option to work out in the grove located right next to you is another one of the privileges awaiting you here.


District Beylikdüzü
Project Features
  • Security Cameras
  • Unit Security
  • Steel Door
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire and Smoke Detector
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Closed Circuit Video System
  • Video Intercom System
  • Secure Entrance
  • Cable Television
  • Natural Gas
  • Wireless Internet
  • Generator
  • Reservoir
  • Fiber Optic Internet Infrastructure
  • Satellite TV Infrastructure
  • Central Hot Water
  • Water Booster
Plot Area 73,800 m²
Units 1152
  • Parking Garage
  • Grocery Store
  • Elevators
  • Park and Garden
  • Outdoor Parking
  • Gym
  • Basketball Court
  • Volleyball Field
  • Hiking Trail
Completion Date June 2017
Social Activities
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Playground
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Social Facilities
  • Sauna





Unit Types / Prices
Type Minimum Price Maximum Price
1 + 1 29,450 $ 31,974 $
2 + 1 29,590 $ 37,654 $
3 + 1 46,770 $ 53,431 $
4 + 1 0 $ 63,388 $
5 + 1 0 $ 0 $
Type Minimum Price Maximum Price
1 + 1 27,066 € 29,386 €
2 + 1 27,195 € 34,606 €
3 + 1 42,983 € 49,105 €
4 + 1 58,256 € 58,256 €
5 + 1 0 € 0 €
Type Minimum Price Maximum Price
1 + 1 111,323 SR 120,864 SR
2 + 1 111,853 SR 142,334 SR
3 + 1 176,791 SR 201,972 SR
4 + 1 239,609 SR 239,609 SR
5 + 1 0 SR 0 SR